The world of Lumina, was born in light. The gods lived among the people. There was no pain, no suffering, no want, and no death.

After a thousand years, the day know as ‘Eclipse’ came, and darkness came to Lumina for the first time. A mirror world to Lumina, Shaddos, born of darkness and ruled by evil gods drew near, and the two began to orbit one another.
A season of titanic ruin rained down on both worlds, often referred to in tales as ‘the first Night’ as gravity and warring deities wreaked havoc on the worlds. Armies of angels and demons did war on and between the worlds. According to legend, the great wizard, Erronicus, used a powerful spell that separated the two worlds once more, ending the war after centuries of destruction.

In the aftermath, as Shaddos floated away to an outer orbit, Lumina was left to limp forward, recovering from the destruction that had been done. The world itself was sundered.

The time after the war was known as ‘Dawn’ or to some the ‘New Day’ as the world recovered from the devastation of the Eclipse and the Night. Where before, all people had been united under the rule of the gods, they now had to build a new civilization. Many of the gods were dead, weakened, or missing in the aftermath of the war, leaving the races to rebuild without guidance for the first time. To complicate things, remnants of the dark races were left behind when Shaddos left, and they too sought to secure strongholds in what was now their home.

It has been nearly a thousand years since the Dawn. The once united people are now divided into fractious communities, the citizens of Lumina go to war almost as much as they did during the great Night, only now with one another, instead of against the invaders.